Crave Real Burgers

Open at 11 AM every day, seven days per week
Standard closing times: Mon – Thurs 9 PM; Fri and Sat 9:30 PM; Sun 9 PM
  • 3982 Limelight Ave.
    Castle Rock, CO 80109
  • 7465 N. Academy Blvd.
    Colorado Springs, CO 80920
  • 9344 Dorchester St.
    Highlands Ranch, CO 80129
  • Cubano Burger
  • Popper Burger
  • Luther Burger
  • Cheesy Jane Burger
  • Thai Peanut Sandwich
  • Crave Real Burgers

Create Your Own Shake

Create Your Own Shake

You’ve had your chance at your very own burger creation. Now you can shake up that creativity again to become the CYOS Master Chef.

Submit your entry into the Crave CYOS Master Chef contest now! If you’re crowned the winner we’ll feature your shake creation as a special at all of our stores and you’ll receive a Crave t-shirt and $25 gift card.

Submit Your Entry

You saved WING from the CraveYard!

Count your vote

For the second time in recorded Crave Real Burgers history YOU were given the chance to vote on which burger to save from the CraveYard. And this go around you chose to revive a fave from our old menu: WING! Starting Thursday, April 23, all Crave locations will be featuring this epitome of spicy burger happiness for a limited time.


The WING is a Colorado Proud Crave burger patty topped with crispy boneless chicken tenders tossed in our homemade wing sauce, luscious blue cheese, onion strings and celery. YOU have spoken – and the WING has been SAVED!


Up for a Challenge? Try the Big Bad Wolf!

Here's how the Big Bad Wolf Challenge works:

Big Bad Wolf
  • We serve the Challenger 3 loaded 3 Little Pigs Burgers piled high with onion straws. Then we set the timer to 45 minutes. The Wolf Challenger Huffs and Puffs and attempts to wolf down everything on the plate, in 45 minutes, without restroom breaks.
  • If the Wolf conquers the 3 Little Pigs the meal is free, his/her photo is proudly displayed on our Wall of Winners, and he/she gets a free Challenger T-shirt! If the Challenger should fail the price is $25 and a photo on the Wall of Losers!
  • (For Wolves in training try one Wolf Burger for $15 to see if you have what it takes!)
  • Must be 18 years of age or older.