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CYOB Master Chef Contest

Create Your Own Burger

You’ve got taste. You’ve got your own notions of burger bliss. And now you’ve got a chance to prove your culinary prowess. Just send us your list of ingredients, cooking techniques (ergo, your recipe) and the name of your burger concoction.

If you’re crowned the CYOB Master Chef, your burger will be the featured Crave special for a time! Plus, while you’re basking in the glow of besting your fellow burger jockeys, you’ll join the short list of Crave Royalty and earn some celebrity swag (subject to change):

  1. 2 (two) tickets to the Denver Burger Battle
  2. Up to 2 (two) Crave t-shirts for you, the family & friends
  3. A photo of you with your winning creation on Crave social interwebs and possibly elsewhere (if you’re down with that)
  4. Your name associated with the chosen burger recipe (if you’re cool with that)

Note: we hold the CYOB Master Chef Contest at various times throughout the year. You can submit up to one entry per calendar month. We’ll announce the next CYOB contest with plenty of warning (usually 30 days or thereabouts) so you can heat up your best and brightest recipe just for that contest if you want.

Simply complete the form below to submit your burger masterpiece:

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Create Your Own Burger

So why all the legalese? First and foremost, we want you to know that your information and recipe are secure and will not be sold, shared or processed outside the confines of the CYOB Contest. Second, our lawyers finally delivered something tangible and we felt obliged to use it.

I agree to all contest terms & conditions.