two three little pig burgers and fries


two cubano burgers and fries


So you think you have what it takes to master the BIG BAD WOLF or el LOBO FEROZ challenge? Fill out and bring in the waiver form below in order to try The Challenge!

*Must be 18 years or older to participate.

The Challenge Details

We serve the Challenger, one person only, 2 loaded 3 Little Pigs Burgers with green chili cheese fries (Big Bad Wolf) or 2 loaded Cubano burgers and green chili cheese fries (el Lobo Feroz). The challenge is the challenge and no modifications are allowed. You will be seated with no bags, purses, jackets around you. If you cheat, you lose. Play fair!

  • Then we set the timer to 30 minutes. The Wolf Challenger Huffs and Puffs and attempts to wolf down everything on the plate, in 30 minutes, without any restroom breaks. If you barf, you lose. And you will be provided cleaning supplies and you agree to clean it up, because we ain’t gonna! If you go outside or to the restroom, you lose. Same rule follows for 5 minutes after completing the challenge.
  • If the Wolf Challenger conquers the 3 Little Pigs (Big Bad Wolf) and fries or the 3 Cubanos (el Lobo Feroz) and fries, the meal is free, his/her photo is proudly displayed on our Wall of Winners on the Crave Real Burgers website, and he/she gets a free Challenger T-shirt!! If the Challenger should fail the price is $35.00 and a photo on the Wall of Losers on the Crave Real Burgers website, Participant agrees to allow Crave Real Burgers to use the photo in social media.
  •  Participant is limited to one successful challenge per year which covers all Crave Real Burgers locations.