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What you get…

  • 15% off your bill on your first visit after registering your shiny new Loyalty Card
  • A FREE Crave shake after your 5th visit
  • A FREE beautiful Crave burger after every 10th visit (applied to highest-priced item on check at regular price)
  • A FREE scrumptious Crave burger on your birth month. Oh, and happy birthday!

How you get it…

Just stop in to any Crave Real Burgers location and ask us for a Loyalty Card.

Once you’ve got it in your hot little hands, hit the “Join the Loyalty Program” button, below. Select “New User” and you’ll be asked to enter the longish string of numbers from the top left of the back of your card. After that you’ll be asked for your “e-PIN”, which is the number under the wavy scratch-off thingy on the back of the card. Easy peasy!

Pssst: here’s a secret… Any Crave Gift Card can be used as a Loyalty Card, but it must be activated in a Crave store before you can register online and Join the Club!

Experience awesome rewards from Colorado’s best burger joint. Don’t wait, join today!