Crave’s Charity Burger program is supporting the Special Forces Foundation until September 8th.  The Special Forces Foundation was founded in 2016 by a 23-year active duty member of the Army Special Forces (SF), also known as the Green Berets.  The foundation is made up of a group of active duty volunteers in the SF to ensure the cause is close to the need, “it is Green Berets supporting Green Berets.”  These men are highly trained in the military and bring their unique skill sets to make the Special Forces Foundation succeed without a paid staff.  The SF are at the forefront of every U.S. involved conflict, and because of this, they suffer the greatest number of casualties.  The organization’s mission is to “provide immediate and ongoing support to the SF community and their families”.  This is done throughout the person’s military career and after they are discharged or retireAdditionally, during times of tragedy, they provide immediate support to the family with the goal of maintaining long-term support for those left behind.

     The Special Forces Foundation take a complete approach to supporting SF military members through resiliency events to help them reintegrate with society, their families and overall life after service.  They provide counseling for all members of the family, an app that allows anonymous chats in times of need, different types of therapy, and retreats and transition programs to help with the “residue” of their experience of serving.  It is important for them to clean the slate and set them up for success in civilian life.

     Come in and try the Sweet Heat 2.OHHH made up of sour cherry smoked onion jam, candied bacon, pepper jack, Asian mayo, lettuce, and Sriracha brown sugar glaze all on a Colorado proud burger. A dollar from every charity burger sold goes to helping such a great cause!  Stay tuned for the upcoming Charity Night to further help the Special Forces Foundation, and while you’re at it, check out their website to learn more at